Yorkshire (September 2016)

A collection from a September 2016 trip to visit family and friends in the northern U.K., including the Yorkshire cities Hartshead, Howarth, York and Huddersfield—and one day in Lancashire in Liverpool. Visiting family in this case also meant seeing my parents and sister for the first time in months (even though they live on the other side of the U.S.) and introducing my partner Eric to my aunts, uncles, cousins and chosen family in the U.K. for the first time after five years together. (It went so well, and so many laughs were had. My little cousin even told me he approves.)

I settled on this edit after three weeks of anxiously processing. Most of the family photos are omitted and instead this focuses on the little scenes and landscapes that make me feel full of Yorkshire. 99% of spending time with family was healing and beautiful and much needed refuge from the heat and stress. We went on long walks, danced and drank and tried to cram years into a few days. Small hints of nostalgia and guilt haunt my visits. I love these people and places so much, and I wish I was there for them full-time. Saying goodbye sucks.

Also very present was the fact that my aunt, cousins and mom were in the middle of the process of moving my grandad into a hospice and out of his home. I documented this process and out of respect for him and my mom and family, I’m not ready to publish those. 

Anyway, thanks for looking. Love to everyone.

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