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(b. 1992, Huddersfield, UK) Caitlin is an independent documentary photographer and member of Juntos Photo Cooperative based in the Sonoran Desert in occupied Akmiel O'odham and Salt River Maricopa Pima land (Phoenix, Arizona). She aims to create accountable relationships with people over long-term documentary work.

She studied Journalism at Indiana University in Bloomington and Korean Language at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Her ongoing longterm work includes a family's response to a rare disease diagnosis in their young twin daughters and another body of work focuses on labyrinthine access to safe migration at the U.S.-Mexico border and how families with mixed-immigration status find opportunities and build their lives. She speaks Spanish slowly and a little bit of Korean and is working to improve these skills. O'Hara is a marathon-er and baby white belt in jiu-jitsu. 

In 2020, O'Hara has documented the impact of the continued militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border on Indigenous and settler communities and how Arizona has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Juntos published a manifesto urging independent image makers to advocate for their safety and contributed to authoring the Photo Bill of Rights. She supports the movement for Black lives. 


2020 | Civil Unrest & First Aid online course produced by Silk Road Training sponsored by The ACOS Alliance

2020 | COVID-19 PPE training from The Wall Street Journal

2020 | COVID-19 safety training from Reuters

2020 | Photo Bill of Rights, co-author

2020 | Women Photograph: The Journal, participant

2019 | Juntos Photo Coop is founded 

2018 | American Photography 35, winner

2018 | Women Photograph Workshop, Brooklyn, N.Y., participant

2018 | Through This Lens, Durahm, N.C., group show: Colectivo Liminal - Photography Show & Silent Auction benefitting Alerta Migratoria, Curated by Victoria Bouloubasis

2018 | New York Portfolio Review at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, participant

2017 | "Mexico Migrante" Exhibition at Cholula Regional Museum in Puebla, Mexico, group show 

2017 | United Photo Industries Photoville, Brooklyn, N.Y., group show: "Insider/Outsider presented by Women Photograph" curated by Mallory Benedict, Sara Ickow, Daniella Zalcman 

2017 | PhotoWalk Astoria, Astoria, N.Y., curated by Shaminder Dulai, exhibiting photojournalist

2016 | United Photo Industries Photoville, Brooklyn, N.Y., group show: “ Fearless: Strength, Fortitude, Spirit”, ESPN, curated by Tim Rasmussen, exhibiting photographer

2015 | Eddie Adams Workshop XXVIII, participant

2014 | Ross Hazeltine Travel Scholarship (Reporting in Seoul, South Korea in January 2015).


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