Phoenix pushes back against Trump’s visit

On the last day of August, I had the privilege of photographing the periphery of Donald Trump’s visit to Phoenix, Arizona to make a much-anticipated speech on immigration reform and border security in the United States. Many expected a pivot away from his previous plan to erect a concrete wall along our 2,000 mile shared border, but he ended up doubling down. Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has been recommended for federal charges for racially profiling Latinxs, gave remarks in favor of the candidate. 

But I didn’t have a credential for the inside show—I photographed Phoenix’s reaction to the circus being in town. For the most part, it was a huge Mexican dance party with loud mariachi music and traditional dancing. There were camps of angry protesters and giant balloons of Trump in a Klan robe and Arpaio in a jail uniform. There were Trump supporters carrying crosses a la Jesus. But my favorite thing I saw yesterday was a beautiful peace dance by Danza Azteca Chichimeca Tezcatlipoca. Check them out if you have a moment. I’ve linked their Facebook page. We all need a bit of peace right now.

Thanks for looking. 

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