#blacklivesmatter in Phoenix, Ariz.

Following a violent few weeks in the U.S., the black community in and around Phoenix has focused on coming together to grieve and call for change at rallies and community meetings. While there have been multiple groups holding events, the message is clear: change needs to occur more quickly, and police and citizens need to come together to implement those changes. 

While not perfect, this city is doing a good job. Phoenix appointed a new chief of police last week, a black female Phoenix native. Phoenix and Tempe Police have supported and protected protesters this week tirelessly. Different organizations have provided plans to improve relations, including a 12 point plan initiated by the Black Women of Faith campaign. 

It has been a peaceful movement here intent on working toward solutions. I have not seen any animosity or calling for violence against police, just the urgent need for trust between the communities and accountability for those police who use excessive force, leading to the disproportional killing of black Americans.

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