From the hot months

How is it the end of July already!?

I’m now four months in to being a full-time independent photographer and coming up on the first anniversary of living in Arizona. It feels surreal to say that, and I’m feeling so grateful this is my job. New challenges abound, which has made room for growth. It still feels like there’s more that I don’t know I don’t know, especially about setting myself up as a business, but I’m moving forward and embracing each opportunity. When it feels like the phone will never ring again, it miraculously does. 

There are still a few assignments I’ve shot this summer that aren’t published so I can’t share everything, but here is a peek at what the summer has held for me so far (besides smoldering desert heat). 

I had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon Railroad’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, hear the tearful and frustrated reaction by Latinx/Latinx Americans after a SCOTUS deadlock in late June halting immigration reform, a northern Arizona gun club having tough conversations about when elders should retire their rifles, talk Minecraft with Arizona twins Kyle and Lauren Byrd who live with SMAprotests against police brutality (and the community meetings to move forward which you can see more of in earlier blog posts), visit the headquarters of TASER, Inc. to meet CEO Rick Smith, the end of the freeze on Arizona Kids Care, cover the heroes of the Tenderfoot Wildfire, meet two incredible (1) Olympians (2) and follow the Arizona GOP’s quest to woo border towns.

Thanks for looking, folks. 

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