2017 was a year of growth. It was heartbreaking and it was rewarding. My family said goodbye to my granddad and my cousin welcomed a baby girl into the world. We faced big challenges, but I’m so grateful that I had the chance to meet people and share stories all over the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Thank you to my family, my partner, my friends and editors for your support this year. You mean the world to me. 

Some victories:
Having photos (until February 2018!) included in an exhibit at Museo Regional de Cholula in San Andés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico alongside my inspiring colleagues Griselda San Martin and Elaine Cromie.

Joining the Women Photograph initiative thanks to Daniella Zalcman’s fearless and tireless work. And having a photo of mine included in Women Photograph’s Insider/Outsider exhibition curated by Zalcman, Mallory Benedict and Sara Ickow at UPI’s Photoville in Brooklyn, NYC.

Collaborating with my friend and phenomenal writer Fernanda Santos on stories that helped show how national immigration policy reverberates in peoples real lives in Arizona. Our stories were published in English, Spanish and Portuguese in national and international publications.

Eric and I moved into an apartment in downtown Phoenix together in September. 

Getting to travel a lot. On assignment and during free time I got outside and visited Joshua Tree National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Canyon de Chelly National Monument and drove over 15,000 miles.

I read 18 books, the most I’ve ever read in a year!

And now, photographs of this years highs and lows. Thanks so much for looking.

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