So long, Jasper!

Since I posted some of my favorite images from my time at The Herald in my 2014 wrap-up, I’d like to share some of my Saturday Feature selects with you all on my last day in Jasper. These folks were amazing to let me document them for a few months and, while I wish I could stay to continue, stories must culminate with a run date. I worked on four Saturdays during my internship, and contributed to two collaborative ones: the county fair week-end feature with our favorites from the 4-H festivities, and the Images of 2014 feature in which we wrote about our experience last year. You can bet I’m saving those six papers no matter how much flak I get for being a newsprint hoarder. My time here has been truly magical. Thank you to my fellow reporters, editors and people in the community who welcomed me, pushed me and helped me grow.

Internship in Instagrams

My internship at The Herald is drawing to a close and I’m drafting an edit of my favorite pictures from my time here. But I found myself wishing I could include some of my mobile pictures.

There have been a few times this year when I’ve made a better picture with my phone than with my DSLR. It terrified me. I reexamined my intentions: Am I being lazy with my composition with my “real” camera? Trying to impress people on social media? But I decided that I was still making thoughtful pictures with my camera, and that I was photographing with genuine feeling with my phone. It was just a different process and outlet; helpful exercises. My mobile photography has been a visual journal. It’s an archive of my memories on a day-to-day basis. While I resolve to keep my DSLR with me more this year, I have enjoyed using the camera in my pocket and the challenges—and advantages—that come with it.

Here are some of my memories from my time in Dubois County, Ind. Thanks for following along.

2014 in Pictures

2014 has been such a wonderful year. It’s been challenging and full of laughs and support. I’m grateful for everyone who’s been a part of my life. Here are some of the highlights. As usual, i’m going to use pictures to communicate a little better than with clumsy words.

With help from my family and friends, I graduated from the best school, and finished up my work with the Indiana Daily Student. I learned so much more than journalism. I learned how to be a real, grown human and citizen of our world.

I took an incredible trip to Colorado after graduation.

The folks in Jasper took a chance on me to intern with them at The Herald.
I cannot rightly put to words how much I’ve learned from them. I dove deeper into stories and got uncomfortable. It has been invaluable experience.

Eric and I began a personal collaboration that has helped our relationship and the way we communicate about and understand each other’s artistic process. It’s been motivating, therapeutic and damn fun. It’s also pushed me to photograph with more feeling and conceptualization than I have before.

It’s been an amazing year; the best one yet. I believe I’ve grown a lot professionally and personally, and it’s largely due to the wonderful people surrounding me. Here’s to another year of growth!

Memorial Gym

Saturday was my first time making pictures in Huntingburg’s historic Memorial Gym, where the Southridge Raiders play. It was difficult to white balance, but it was so fun to photograph the interesting shadows and the feeling of being surrounded by a community that breathes basketball.

Backyard Melee

Today I stumbled upon a neighborhood game of “real life Call of Duty” in Ireland, Indiana. Kids from five families were playing, plus a labrador mix puppy, Hoosier, who served as the fierce K-9 unit. The friends have lived in the same neighborhood together for most of their lives.

Fire Followup

I’ve been back up to Loogootee twice since the devastating fire that wiped out a block of the town’s square. The shop owners who occupied the buildings that burned are trying to cope and set up camp in other locations for the holiday season. Their families, employees and friends are working tirelessly, but they have the support of the whole town. Elementary students have sent cards of support as well, which Rosie Bridges has hung up in her new temporary shop.

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