Memorial Gym

Saturday was my first time making pictures in Huntingburg’s historic Memorial Gym, where the Southridge Raiders play. It was difficult to white balance, but it was so fun to photograph the interesting shadows and the feeling of being surrounded by a community that breathes basketball.

Backyard Melee

Today I stumbled upon a neighborhood game of “real life Call of Duty” in Ireland, Indiana. Kids from five families were playing, plus a labrador mix puppy, Hoosier, who served as the fierce K-9 unit. The friends have lived in the same neighborhood together for most of their lives.

Fire Followup

I’ve been back up to Loogootee twice since the devastating fire that wiped out a block of the town’s square. The shop owners who occupied the buildings that burned are trying to cope and set up camp in other locations for the holiday season. Their families, employees and friends are working tirelessly, but they have the support of the whole town. Elementary students have sent cards of support as well, which Rosie Bridges has hung up in her new temporary shop.

Basketball begins

I can’t believe it, but it’s basketball season again in Indiana. I shot my first Dubois County game tonight: the Ferdinand girls beat Springs Valley 48-36. It’s weird to think I’ll be moved out of Jasper by the time sectionals roll around. *feelings*

Fire in Loogootee

An awful fire wiped out five local businesses in downtown Loogootee, Ind. on Wednesday, Nov. 12. I drove up to report for the Herald. Over 100 emergency personnel responded, and the fire is still smoldering, over twenty-four hours after the 911 call. My thoughts are with the kind people of Loogootee. I know residents will band together and help rebuild the historic downtown. That’s what small towns do.

Election Night in Dubois County

Local elections would make even the toughest cynic believe in our democratic system. The two major parties don’t necessarily align with the national party platforms in rural Indiana, so, in the eyes of this reporter, people seem less polarized and more genuine. I was assigned to cover the local democratic party candidates at the Jasper Knights of Columbus. Crowded around radios and in the arms of loved ones, candidates awaited results.

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