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(b. 1992, Huddersfield, UK) Caitlin is a photojournalist and member of Juntos Photo Cooperative based in the Sonoran Desert (Phoenix, Arizona). She studied Journalism at Indiana University in Bloomington and Korean Language at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. She aims to create accountable relationships with people over long-term documentary work. She is collaborating with the Kahn family to chronicle their responses to a rare disease diagnosis.

She speaks Spanish and Korean slowly and is working to improve these skills. O'Hara is a practiced marathon runner and avid birder. She was certified in SCUBA down to 60ft in 2022. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic Juntos published a manifesto urging independent image makers to stand in solidarity with one another to advocate for their safety and contributed to authoring the Photo Bill of Rights. 


Arizona Highways, Bloomberg Businessweek, CNN, ESPN  The Magazine, Education Week, The Guardian/Observer Magazine, High Country News, The Intercept, Monocle Magazine, National Geographic, Nike, NPR, The New York Times, Popular Science, Reuters, Runner’s World, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post Magazine

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